Vous pouvez contrôlez votre maison de n’importe où

Tous les produits de la gamme SHELLY sont 100% compatibles avec Amazon Echo (Alexa) et Google Home. Ainsi par de simples commandes vocales comme: “Allume le four”, “fais un café” ou “ouvre la porte du garage”, SHELLY exécutera les commandes.

Amazon Alexa

Le Skill “SHELLY CLOUD” vous offre la meilleure expérience de commande vocale domotique avec Alexa.
Pour commencer, ouvrez l’application Alexa et allez sur l’onglet “Skills”. dans la barre de recherche tapez “SHELLY CLOUD”, cliquez dessus et sélection “activer le skill”. Vous serez ensuite redirigés automatiquement vers , pour entrer vos identifiants SHELLY de connexion.

You may need to rename your devices in the Shelly app in order for Alexa to recognize them more easily. In order to obtain better control performance, please specify a clear one-word name for each device in the Shelly Cloud application like “Light”, “Coffee”, “Iron” and so on.

After naming and discovering the Shelly device(s), you can turn them on and off or control the brightness level. For example, if you have a device named Lamp or a group named Bedroom, you can say things like:

Set light COLOR using Alexa Skill

“Alexa, set the [device name] to [color]”
Example: “Alexa, set the Lamp to red”
Example: “Alexa, change the Bulb to the color blue”

Set light COLOR TEMPERATURE using Alexa Skill

“Alexa, change the [device name] to [shade of light]”
Example: “Alexa, make the lamp warm white”
Example: “Alexa, set the lamp to daylight”

Set light BRIGHTNESS using Alexa Skill

“Alexa, set [name] to [number] brightness”
Example: “Alexa, set the lamp to 50 percent brightness”

Check TEMPERATURE measurement of the device

“Alexa, what is the [device name] temperature?”
Example: “Alexa, what is the HT sensor temperature?”

Turn ON/ OFF device using Alexa Skill

“Alexa, turn on the [device name]”
“Alexa, turn off the [device name]”
Example: “Alexa, turn on Dimmer”

OPEN or CLOSE the Roller/Shutters

“Alexa, OPEN [device name]”
“Alexa, CLOSE [device name].”
Example: “Alexa, open curtains”

Check the device OPEN STATE

“Alexa, is the [device name] open?”
“Alexa, is the [device name] close?”
Example: “Alexa, is the Door open?”

Set Roller/Shutters PERCENTAGE using Alexa Skill

“Alexa, set [name] to [number percent]”
Example: “Alexa, set the curtains to 75 percent”

Google Home

Shelly Cloud is the intelligent home control system – the app is your mobile controller, enabling you to conveniently access all connected devices. Whether it is the air conditioner, a light switch, the coffee machine or something else, with the Shelly Cloud app you can define individual settings for desired times or specific occasions, control the alarm system or regulate the lightning and heating.

To get started, search for the Shelly Cloud application, which is available for iOS and Android, and install it on your mobile phone or tablet. Make an account and add all your Shelly devices. After that, tell your Google Assistant: “Ok Google, talk to Shelly Cloud”. You must enable the Shelly Cloud skill, after which you will be redirected automatically to а log in form, from where you have to type the credentials to your Shelly Cloud account. After you login, just say: “Ok Google, talk to Shelly Cloud”. Then you can simply start giving commands to your Shelly devices.

Set light COLOR using Google Home

Set /Change [device name] TO [color]
Set /Change [device name] COLOR TO [color name]
Example: “Ok Google, set the Lamp TO blue”


Set/ Change [device name] to [color temperature name]
Example: “Hey Google, set Lamp to daylight”

Give command by room name for example

Turn off/on [room name] lights
Example: “Ok, Google, turn on Bedroom lights”

Check TEMPERATURE measurement of the device

What is the [device name] temperature?
Example: “Hey Google, what is the HT Sensor temperature?”

Turn ON/OFF device

Turn/Switch/Power ON [device name]
Turn/Switch/Power OFF [device name]
Ex: “Hey Google, Power on Iron”

OPEN/CLOSE Roller/Shutters or set to the position with SET percentage

Open/Close [device name]
Set [device name] to [number from 1 to 100] percent
Example: “Ok, Google, open Curtains”
Example: “Hey, Google, set Curtains to 75 percent”

Check the device OPEN STATE

IS the [device name] open?
IS the [device name] close?
Example: “Ok Google, is the Door open?”


Set /Change [device name] to [number from 1 to 100] percent
Example: “Okay Google, set Lights to 60 percent”

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